People say we have to be on a strict diet without having any cheat meals for an extended period of time. That’s a lot of sacrifices for us to do right? It will be really hard for us to stay away from the food which we love for an extended period of time. Yes, it is necessary to be on a diet, to be disciplined on your diet plans & to stay fit. But, it is completely okay for you to be kind to yourself and to reward yourself by buying your favourite food from your favourite restaurant.


You can have it rarely, like once a month or so. Nothing is going to happen or you are not going to increase 5kgs overnight. That is never going to happen. That is not how the human body works. It’s just your insecurities and your imaginary thoughts who are making you think like that!


From my own experience, I’ll be fully honest with you😃. I am a person who wants to be super fit and wants to look cool when I am hangout with my friends and for that, I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. So I used to follow some strict diet plans and I was very upset for not being able to have my favourite food for a long period of time. Yes, I lost 5 kgs at that time and I felt happy too. But this happened to me 2 years ago and I decided to further reduce my weight in the past few months. So I decided to follow the diet plans which I used to follow 2 years ago but with one small change in the plans.


The difference is – I decided to be kinder to myself while I was going through this process. This means, I decided to have my favourite food once a month at least so that I can be happy a little bit by knowing I’ll not stay away from my favourite food for a long period of time. I followed this way & guess what, I have achieved my 3-month goal and am so happy about it. I decided to lose another 5 kgs in the past few months and at the same time, I had my favourite food once a month at least, and I achieved my weight-reducing goal at the same time😃!


So I founded that strict diet and diet plans with a little bit of kindness to us will not change the outcome of the results. I lost 5 kgs when I followed strict diet plans a couple of years ago. I lost the same 5 kgs when I followed a kinder diet plan. So it didn’t make any difference at all.


You can buy your favourite food in your favourite restaurant, or else if you are a person who loves to cook, you can also cook in your beautiful home alone or with your partner or with your friends. But please be careful whenever you are cooking in your kitchen. There are lots of people nowadays who get burns unknowingly and that pain is really irritating it takes a while to fully wound. Kindly use some protection such as oven mitts, aprons & potholders whenever you are cooking in your kitchen.


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Our main goal and our main purpose are for you to stay protective by any means. We will be the happiest people when we come to know that you are fully protected whenever you are cooking or baking something delicious in your kitchen💚.


If you are a foodie and who wants to reduce your weight badly or if you want to stay fit, be a little bit kinder to yourself when it comes to your diet plans, because a strict diet and a kinder diet plan are anyway going to bring you the same results only. It worked for me, it will definitely work for you too😊!