Whenever we are stressed or bored, our favorite food makes us feel comfortable & also makes us to be happy.


If you are staying at your parent’s home, then you are super lucky! Can you guess the reason? Yes! Whatever we ask our mom, she’ll just do it with lots of love to make us & also our tummy happy! That’s why they are the best without a doubt. Even if you are not living with your parents, your favorite snacks will be there for you to make you & your tummy fulfilled and happy💚!


But sometimes, you will start to crave for more big things like for example, you will be craving to eat cake, or you will be craving to eat pizza and the list goes on & on. During those times, you will be very excited to order them from your favorite restaurant! But, if you are a person who loves to cook on your own, you will be very excited to try all these things which you want to eat by preparing them in your cute kitchen! You will save lots of money if you choose this way and you will also make some beautiful memories with your friends & family by cooking with a group of people.


Cooking alone also might be fun sometimes right😃? Putting your favorite playlist on your headphones or on your speakers and then cooking or baking your favorite item just takes you into a whole different mood. People who love to cook can relate to this so much! But sometimes, you might forget to take of your health amidst all of this excitement which you are having for cooking and you might end up getting hurt and you don’t want that to happen to you and I also don’t want that to happen to you.


If you are searching or thinking about what to cook for your breakfast / brunch / lunch / dinner, then there’s a very good chance that we can help you with that ! We post about various awesome chefs who have various different kinds of expertise and they will give you a clear idea to you of what to prepare for your daily meal preparations.


Here’s the link to our Instagram page. We are very happy to help you.😊

That is why I am personally requesting you to wear some protective materials like oven mitts & potholders or aprons for your own self-protection. Wearing these things for your own safety before you begin to bake or cook will make you feel safe & you don’t need to worry about getting hurt at all! You can focus fully on the preparation of your dish without any fear at all.

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You deserve to be happy! Make each & every moment of your life memorable. ( P.S – That includes the time which you are spending in your kitchen alone or with your close ones too 😉)


furLong – Your comfort, our promise.