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We make our products with cotton materials, making the quality to be at it’s best for a very long period of time & it is super eco friendly!

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100% Eco-Friendly

contains materials that have been recycled, materials that’s can be easily recycled, or material gathered from a natural source, like cotton, which is minimally damaging to harvest.

What is the importance of eco friendly products?

We’re destroying the earth, and it’s something that can be prevented. We can all take small steps toward reducing our environmental footprint. Even as travelers, we use a plethora of eco-friendly products that can make a huge difference. When it comes to taking green initiatives, a great place to start is to reduce waste.

By 2050 the amount of plastic in the ocean will outweigh the fish in the ocean – that statistic is shocking. We all need to replace simple items we use in our everyday lives with environmentally friendly products to have a large impact.

Did you know? According to the World Wildlife Fund

  • 90% of the world’s seabirds have fragments of plastic in their stomach.
  • Only 9% of plastics are recycled around the world. The world needs more green products.
  • It will take hundreds of years for a single piece of plastic to decompose, and then it will turn into a dangerous microplastic.
  • 80% of ocean plastic originates on land.Then it enters our ocean through rivers and streams.

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Welcome to furLong Products – a manufacturer, supplier & distributor of kitchen and home improvement products established in 2019 – to satisfy every consumer’s need, that are trendy and at the same time with utmost high quality.

We consider our product’s entire life cycle and work to minimize our impact on planet earth because we believe in reduction of waste and 100% eco-friendly products contribute towards a healthier and equitable planet.

Not only the products we manufacture are 100% pure cotton which are eco-friendly, but the accessories used throughout the process including the packaging are as well. Few products to highlight from our vast selections and designs – oven mitts, pot holder, apron, bed sheets, single & double comforters(quilts), table & kitchen cloth.

200% ecofriendly

The materials that we use are made of 200% cotton material

Super Friendly for your pockets!

Best quality at the most affordable prices

Various Designs

There are many creative & unique designs waiting for you!

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