Why furLong?

Your Comfort, Our Promise

We don’t see you as our beloved customers. We see you as our family. We want our family to be happy, satisfied & enjoy each & every moment of your time while you use our products.

We create our products with the utmost care, having in mind that you should have the best experience ever. Our products are mostly made of cotton, making our products super eco-friendly and we are on a mission to save the planet earth by any means possible.

furLong products do not contain even 0.1% of chemicals, making them very safe for you & also for your family to use.

Good For Planet

Our zero-waste products And featured articles Make it easy for anyone To make easy swaps

Good For You

We feature Clever, beautiful Products that are zero-waste, and toxin-free

Good for all

Each purchase made On boon market sends Money to the cause Of your choice

100% Eco-Friendly

contains materials that have been recycled, materials that’s can be easily recycled, or material gathered from a natural source, like cotton, which is minimally damaging to harvest.